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Calming Connections

Movement, Mindfulness and Meditation to help relieve stress and reduce anxiety so you can feel more at ease and balanced during difficult times. 

In this easy and relaxing class you will be encouraged to relieve stress and reduce anxiety from a holistic perspective with movement, breathing, stretching and releasing. We’ll share mindfulness practices and moving meditations that can guide you to relax and feel better anytime and anywhere! 

“I was fortunate enough to take Ami’s Calming Connections class with members of my family and had such a positive experience, I took the class again with a group of friends. There really are no words to describe what an incredibly positive experience I had in these classes. Ami’s energy and positivity are like none other.What a gift she has in helping to calm and uplift at the same time. In these crazy times, her class is a must!”

BG ~ Evanston

Let me know if you are interested in attending this class in person, online or perhaps hosting this class for a group of any kind:))

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