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Frequently asked Questions


Here are some questions I’m often asked:

I mean the energy, purpose, heart, and attitude that allows you to live the most expansive and full life that YOU can imagine.

For me, that means an open heart, deep feelings, vulnerability, playfulness, and a big capacity for joy and pleasure.

That’s completely natural! A lot of people find themselves stuck in this place of not being able to shift and change, especially by themselves.

It makes sense because patterns of behavior are created then stored in the mind and body, and are established very early in life through the experiences of being a human. They served a purpose when they were initially created, and helped you to survive. Now, they just get in the way!

Our journey starts here. How did they help you at one time, and how are they hindering you now? When we know more from this place, you can now more clearly see the options and choices you have.

It’s a big deal to start sharing about your life with anyone, including me. It can be a very vulnerable experience, but if you develop a trusting relationship with someone who can guide you, it can make sharing easier.

The good thing is that it’s the only place to begin. The more we can open up about how we feel, what we’ve been through in our life, and where we want to go, the greater the possibilities are for having a full, inspired, and beautiful life.

I bring an innate understanding of the body–why and how it holds energy. Also, how to release and integrate that energy for more flow and feelings of aliveness. My intuitive abilities, heart centeredness, and deep compassion for others encourages your lifelong healing.

I am not a therapist. There is nothing “wrong” with you! I’m here to support, embrace, and integrate everything you want out of life. You may just want to change! I’ll be open and curious as we discover what you yearn for.

Perhaps it’s change. Perhaps it’s feeling less stuck around what’s holding you back in your life. Perhaps it’s having more choices in your life.

The somatic approach to transformative healing really works. Conventional talk therapy works primarily with the mind and emotions. There is an assumption that you are “not okay” relative to certain societal norms. We’ve pathologized people’s behaviors. One’s personal stories and histories are addressed, but we often forget how the body has been impacted by those experiences.

In my practice, adding the aspect of the body and its memory and wisdom is a complete gamechanger.

We also want to take into consideration the systemic, cultural, racial, and socioeconomic aspects of each individual. You are truly unique, one-of-a-kind, and need to be honored in that way. Let’s explore more together about what you need.

A Somatic Practitioner is someone who works with the mind and body when addressing issues with a person who is interested in changing patterns of behavior. It is a holistic approach and includes awareness of the body, sensations, the discovery of areas in the body that are held and releasing them through breath and movement. Feelings and memories come forward with more ease and flow as a result. These holding patterns are created from the very beginning of life.

We also talk about issues like one does in talk therapy and include the bodies life experience, trauma and just being human. Through a Somatic Practitioners guidance, skill and heart, the body releases held energy it doesn’t need anymore and amazingly behavior changes as a result. With the wisdom of the body the mind can make new choices and a sense of freedom and long lasting transformation can happen as a result. One of the greatest benefits is that there is now more room for joy and pleasure to exist!

Personal Sessions are for addressing any issues that you are having difficulties with in your life. You get one-to-one support, which allows us to work directly on what you need. This is the fastest way to make a lasting change.

Classes often include mind-body connection exercises, expressive movement, stress relief, and dance. They are group focused, held in person or online and last about an hour. It’s a great way to introduce yourself to the Alive With Ami practices.

Start by having a complementary 20 minute Discovery Session with me: a phone call, Zoom, or FaceTime. Check out my Calendly link [add Calendly link here] and make an appointment.

During our Discovery Session, you can share a little bit about yourself, a few things you want to work on, and what kind of support you’re looking for. We’ll see if working together is a good fit.

Please bring your sense of adventure, playfulness, and curiosity with you. This doesn’t have to be all serious! We can have fun as we claim our aliveness!

Oh, and wear comfortable clothing as well.


When I know more and have accepted the challenges and decisions I’ve made in my life, I can be more curious about why I am where I am in the present. I can connect those experiences/dots backwards with empathy and compassion. I can see a pattern of my evolution, even when it appears to be random and wildly unpredictable. This creates a kind of faith that embraces where I’m at now and where I’ll be in the future.

We can trace back with empathy and compassion why we had difficulty being human 🙂

Core Energetics is a method of Body Psychotherapy originated by psychiatrist John Pierrakos (1921-2001) that integrates body, mind and spirit. This method focuses on freeing the energetic blocks and defenses people develop from childhood and into adulthood that hold a person back from their true potential and authentic self.

Core Energetics works with our bodies to identify, reveal  and break through  the hidden, blocked energy that prohibits us from feeling our own full vitality. People who have experienced Core Energetics report being able to finally make a deeper commitment to their lives, a freedom in their creativity and sexuality and fuller and more satisfying relationships.

Current neurological research strongly recommends that any treatment for trauma requires focus on helping the body as well as the mind to heal.  We find that working with the body, mind and spirit also dramatically helps with  depression, anxiety disorders, sexual dysfunction, dependency, addictions,  chronic muscle pain, etc. Core Energetics does not stop at just  symptom relief, but works to change deeply rooted beliefs that strongly affect a person’s reactions and behavior.


Radical Aliveness is a Healing Transformative Somatic ~ Group Process. Ann Bradney is the founder and director of the RA Institute which is based in California.

RA honors the whole person, body, mind and spirit. It takes into account your personal history, cultural influences, family dynamics, race, gender it’s all here. It includes the personal, interpersonal and systemic aspects of our lives.

As a person who is practicing Radical Aliveness we are looking to feel feelings, that we weren’t allowed to feel as children and to explore what is present for us now and how we can have a full life .

We explore the lens that you look through, what do you think? How do you feel ? And what shaped who you are?

RA Principles hold space for the group process.

  • Open to multiple perspectives
  • Say Yes to everything
  • A non shaming heart and attitude
  • Knowing I don’t know
  • Willing to be changed
  • Do no harm
  • Do your part

When I started my practice 14 years ago, I was certified in Core Energetics and Core Energetics Chicago was born. Now, I have been certified in Radical Aliveness and have taken what I consider the best of both modalities, including my experiences, personal journey, and sense of aliveness to create Alive With Ami.

Cranialsacral Fascial Therapy can be done as a private session in itself with children and adults. CFT can also be blended into a Core Energetics individual session. For-instance, techniques can be used throughout the session to help open up the three Systems; cranialsacral, fascial and autonomic nervous system and to support emotional release and integration at the end of the session as well. The cost per session is the same as listed below for an individual session.

Investment: Individual sessions; $100-$125 for 50 min. & Couple’s sessions; $150-$175 for 70min. 

Classes, Groups and Workshops are priced separately as per event.

At this time, many somatic practices are not covered by insurance. HSA funds can often be used to pay practitioners. Please check your policies.

I have a sliding fee scale to accommodate your financial needs. If you feel drawn to working with me, let’s talk!

How is body-mind practice different than talk therapy?

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