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Our Lived Experience

The one thing about getting older and a bit wiser is that we bring more to the table the more years we’ve been around!  What are some of your lived experiences that make you who you are? Bring these to our work together so we can celebrate who you ARE not just who you want to become!

Here’s a fun list of the jobs I’ve had and the interests that I’ve embraced in my life:)) 

Jobs: Art Promotion, Artwork Framer. Post Partum Doula, Server,  Creative Cook, Latin Nightclub performer. Dance, Meditation and Tai Chi instructor, Children’s movement and Ballet teacher.

Oh, my favorite “job” which is the most challenging and rewarding of all; being a mother of a daughter and son, now young adults. I am so grateful to both of them as they have also been my biggest, soul searching teachers of ALL.

In regards to relationships, I’ve been single, in partnerships, out of partnerships, a single parent with kids, married and divorced and single again, Whew! So I can personally relate to a lot of ways of being in and out of relationships with others and with myself.

Interests: Art~Mask making, Stain Glass, Clothes design and construction, Mosaics, Poetry and Decorating design.

Movement~DANCE, Dance, dance (My first memory and my first love) Gymnastics, Diving, Tai Chi and Biking.

Music~All kinds! (My second love) especially World Music.

Nature~Trees, plants and animals. Walking & Hiking in it, Backpacking, Horseback riding and Mountain climbing. BTW, I have 40 house plants in my condo=lots of oxygen.

How about making your own list? It’s kind of amazing to see your own lived experience. It’s kind of impressive ~ right?