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~ Musings ~

What really matters to you?

What really does matter in our lives and how do we make room for them to take up space and get the attention they deserve? How do they add to the quality of our lives and what we have to give and receive in this lifetime?
I’d say connection in all its shapes and forms matters to me. Relationships with others, my loved one’s, myself and the world. How do I bring my heart and mind and body into all my opportunities to connect? That’s my challenge and my goal to do just that. How do I get in the way of opening up, staying, being comfortable and uncomfortable often at the same time.
I think of this body – mind and spirit centered practice I do and the science of expansion and contraction as organisms, animals and human beings. I know that when I am in connection with my joy and pleasure I open energetically, I can feel my whole self present, I’m available and at my best. Joy and pleasure can often look like love – a touching of the heart, curiosity, a desire to commune with whatever is present in my life, an experience, an opportunity to feel deeply and to understand. When we contract literally and figuratively our energy is held, our life force constrained and we have less access to our real selves, our flow and innate rhythms. Yes, the contraction can be for survival initially and then get’s stuck, creating isolation and a depression of oneself; making it hard if not impossible to open and connect fully. 
This is an embodied experience for me, for all of us, where do I feel it in my body? Do I feel more alive, less alive?  This is literally our internal guide. When we listen to music that speaks to us through notes and voice in meaning, melody and message, so much pleasure can overcome us in so many ways. I need music for my body and soul, I can’t imagine life without it!
The music of nature, the trees, waves of my beloved lake, fire crackling, soaring birds, my cat’s footsteps and meows, the voices of my children expressing themselves, the sound of emotional release claiming a truth, a need, a moment of reclamation. All music to my ears that enlivens my spirit. What are the ways you connect?