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~ Movement ~

Embodied Pleasure

The pleasure and freedom to be in connection with our mind-body!

Movement, the magical elixir to feeling overwhelmed, ungrounded and stressed! Have you ever gone on a walk, to the gym, played a sport, practiced yoga or danced, and you are energetically transformed mind and body and even your spirit feels better? Hallelujah Eh?

I often talk about the bottom up (your body) instead of top down (your mind) approach to getting into your body first through movement and THEN your mind will shift and you can feel less anxious and unhappy. Your stress response diminishes, endorphins are released and full life energy flow can get you back in balance.

When I dance I get instant relief, I let my body take over and it knows what to do to let go, to release and ultimately heal itself. It’s like it has its own self care regimen that works automatically. It’s really really amazing! What do you do to get back into your body when you feel disconnected? Maybe it’s a creative project, a painting, a poem, organizing your space, playing with children, laughing, crying or making love. Your body has great wisdom and it will remember what to do next time you need help:)